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Art Restaurant Mánes

Restaurace nabízí znamenitou českou a francouzskou kuchyni v moderním pojetí. Uchvátí vás nejen poloha restaurace s překrásným výhledem na Vltavu, ale i elegantní interiér s vystavenými uměleckými díly.

100 (1 hodnocení)

+420 730 150 772

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Beef Wellington

baked in filo pastry, wild mushroom ragout, dry-cured ham, Madeira sauce, potato-butter puree for 2-…

Roast sirloin in sour cream sauce

Karlsbad dumplings and cranberries

Duck crown

pink roasted duck breasts on the bone, duck sauce, salad, for 2-4 persons, apx 1kg

Fresh sheep cheese

from Horní Dvorce farm, honeyed nuts, dried gooseberry, gooseberry marmalade and bacon greaves

Pike perch marinated in tea

served with cucumber marinated in verjus with ginger, pressed honey melon with lemon balm, lettuce p…

Fresh sheep cheese from Horní Dvorce farm

honeyed nuts, dried gooseberry, gooseberry marmelade and bacon greaves

Creamy goat cheese from the Czech farm

spicy apples with pistachios, homemade orange bread with Cointreau

Supreme of quail

leg in herb breadcrumbs, garlic puree and watercress pistou

Baked snails (6 pcs)

with herb butter, served with sea salt, bread with chestnuts

Beef tartare

yolk confit with truffle oil, grated Foie gras, shallots, Gran Moravia cheese, watercress, truffle m…

Grilled Foie gras

homemade smoked duck breasts wrapped in kale leaf and chicken sauce

Onion soup

homemade bread croutons and Comté cheese

Dubarry velouté

seared trout, cauliflower, beetroot, chervil and fleur de sel

Grilled goat cheese

fried chickpeas, beetroot puree and roasted beetroot

Seared pike perch fillet

poultry velouté with Jerusalem artichoke, slices of Iberico ham, Gran Moravia cheese chip

Trout fillets

oat groats ragout with mushrooms and marjoram sauce

Marinated supreme of guinea fowl

Foie gras praline with pistachios and truffles, apple puree of Renetta, cinnamon flavored sauc

Duck leg confit

chestnut velouté, duck juice with five spices, tripe with garlic, toasted „hluchec“ (bread with baco…

Lamb chops

walnut relish, baked and smoked vegetables, sheep cheese with nuts and lamb jus

Chopped Boeuf Bourguignon

stewed beef from matured ribs in red wine sauce, glazed onions, mushrooms and celery puree

Flank steak

baked carrots, shallot confit, onion dust, port wine sauce, bone marrow with herb breadcrumbs and sm…

Pork cheeks

blood sausage with chocolate, cauliflower puree and dried plums marinated in Jerez vinegar

Salad with goat cheese,

honeyed nuts and marinated apples

Herb salad

with smoked duck breasts, tripe and garlic dressing


slices of bread baked with apples, curd cheese and sour cream

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Art Restaurant Mánes

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